Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Tipped FAE Mulcher Knives

One thing for sure is that there are assorted metals used in making mulcher knives. However, not all metals will offer you the best service. The major difference in the metals is the quality of service they provide. Tungsten carbide is one of the metal types used in making FAE mulcher knives. It is known to offer assorted benefits to the user; hence you should consider trying such. Irrespective of the grade of carbide used, you can be assured of many benefits, including:

Hard and Strong

You must admit that mulching entails even the toughest conditions depending on the surface being mulched, right? It is for this reason that you should be on the lookout for mulcher teeth that are strong and hard enough to handle even the hardest and toughest surfaces. The best thing about Tungsten carbide tipped FAE mulcher knives is that they are incredibly hard and strong. Such mulcher knives will always offer you nothing but the best service.

Speedy Performance

You may have realized that the nature of the surface being mulched affects the speed of the mulcher knives. In fact, some instances turn extremely slow hence inconveniencing you a lot. Tungsten carbide tipped FAE mulcher knives are known to offer speedy operations since they can easily cut through the toughest surfaces.

Heat Wear Resistance

The longer the operation, the hotter the mulcher knives become, hence subjecting them to possible damages in the long run. However, this has never been the case with tungsten carbide FAE mulcher knives. They are designed in a manner that they hardly give in to heat; hence their performance is the best. Abrasive conditions are best handled using such mulcher knives.


First, you will notice that tungsten carbide tipped FAE mulcher knives are constructed from strong and hard metals. This is one of the qualities that have always assured long service for users. You are therefore assured of the best and long service before you consider replacing the mulcher knives. Such knives can provide you with absolute value for money.

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