Best Ways To Improve Rock Auger Teeth Drilling

Best Ways To Improve Rock Auger Teeth Drilling

If you are in the business of drilling and using auger drilling equipment, you know the importance of properly working auger teeth. But the trick most people don’t get is how to improve their rock auger teeth drilling. In this blog, we listed 5 ways that you can improve your rock auger teeth drilling for maximum productivity. Read the following:

Keep Sharping

To keep your rock auger teeth working as if they are new all the time, you need to sharpen them regularly. Auger teeth performance is mostly measured by the level of cutting that they offer. If they get blunt, then their cutting performance is significantly reduced. So, you need to consider keeping sharpening regularly to ensure high cutting performance is maintained. This is an important factor to consider.

Avoid Overload

The biggest mistake that most people make and end up costing them a lot in terms of productivity and machine life is overloading. You will find out that auger teeth specification means that you can only work in certain conditions. If you expose the machine to conditions that it is not designed, you will have low performance and over productivity. So, make sure that the machine application is correct.

Repair Faulty Tops       

The other way you can improve your rock auger teeth drilling is by repairing the faults. Just like other parts of the drilling machines, auger teeth can also get damaged. Maybe they will get cracked when drilling and so on. Ensuring that the faults have been repaired instantly is one of the best ways to improve your drilling.

Make Tips Replacements

Make sure that your rock auger teeth tips are being replaced immediately when necessary. These are the parts of the teeth that do the actual cutting of the soil when drilling. If they are damaged or blunt, then the overall performance of the auger will go down. So, you need to make sure that these parts are being replaced with immediate effect if you want to keep the machine working fine.

Find Quality Tips

The other way that you can keep your rock auger teeth working great is by ensuring that you are getting quality tips. The material used for constructing the rock auger teeth tips offers excellent properties such as high hardness and strength. There are so many other benefits that come with investing in quality auger teeth tips.

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