Features Making a Cold-In-Place Recycling Machine

Features Making a Cold-In-Place Recycling Machine

One of the most powerful and sought after machines by road repairing contractors is the cold in place recycling machine. These are special kinds of road construction machines designed to make road repair easy and cheap. The machine removes and reuse the existing asphalt surface through the process of cold-in-place recycling.

Buying these machines, especially for the first time is the trickiest part. That is because there are various factors that you should take into account to ensure that you are getting the most of the machine. Here are some of the key features that buyers should take into account when buying cold in place recycling machine.

The capacity of the machine

There are various types of cold-in-place recycling tasks in road repairs. That depends on the side of the road and the material used for the construction of the road. That is the reason why the manufacturers also have various models of cold-in-place recycling machine for every road repair tasks in the market. That is why the capacity of the machine is one of the critical factors that you need to consider serious. Make sure that you have picked the kind of machine that can be used for some road repair conditions.

Machine Productivity

The output of the cold in place recycling machine is an important factor to consider. If you are an investor, you know what that means in the world of business. You must ensure that the performance of the machine is high for you to achieve productivity. Note that the productivity of a cold-in-place recycling machine is determined to work done and not time spent. The milling depth and the width are also critical factors that impact on the production machine. Therefore, the longer the distance of the repaired road in a unit time the better.


It is essential to check the versatility features of the cold-in-place recycling machine when buying. By being versatile, it simply means that the machine can work on various types of various surfaces and materials. There are two main types of roads in the would- concrete and asphalt. As a contractor, you need to have that can be used for both types of surfaces. The key factors that you need to check while for the versatility is the quality of the teeth and the horsepower of the machine. With a good combination of the two, you can work on some factors.

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