Importance Of Hardening Rotogravure Cylinder

The rotogravure cylinder is one of the essential parts of the rotogravure printing machine. It is the cylinder that carries the printing plates or is engraved on, and thus very critical printing. It determines, among many other things, the quality of print. This includes the visibility and longevity of the printed image, plus other printing aspects.

One of the key areas we will be looking at is the hardening of the rotogravure cylinder. As we know, the base material of the cylinder is usually steel, and the engraving layer is copper. Both layers require some hardening.

The hardening of the rotogravure cylinder improves the mechanical properties of the metal. Here are the benefits of a hardened rotogravure cylinder:

Extends Lifespan

One of the reasons why rotogravure cylinder hardening is crucial is because of its lifespan. How long the cylinder will serve you is an important factor. It will determine how much you will spend on printing in the long run. With hardening, the rate of wear and tear of the cylinder will be very low. This is how the lifespan of the rotogravure cylinder is improved.

Reduces Maintenance Cost

The maintenance of the rotogravure cylinder is crucial if you want to get the most out of it. You will need to have all the minor faults fixed to keep the cylinder in perfect shape. For example, there might be scratches or dents on the cylinder if the cylinder is mishandled and falls. But the probability of serious problems that may need repairs will be very few with hardened rotogravure cylinder.

Fast Printing

The rotogravure printing machine throughput is greatly influenced by the condition of the parts, such as the cylinder. When the rotogravure cylinder is in perfect condition, the printing plates are to mount or engrave. The engraving or the plate can stay in place for a long time without the need to adjust or fix it. This means you can do mass printing with minimal interruptions. That’s how your productivity will be improved.

Extended Plates Life

If you are printing using printing plates, then the quality of the rotogravure cylinder will be a crucial factor in their lifespan. Plates can be expensive to make, and thus you need to keep them as long as possible. With a hardened rotogravure cylinder, the rate of wear and tear is minimal, and this will also be transferred to the plates. So you can expect the plates to last longer with a hardened cylinder.

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